This Is A Movement


The content I create has been and will continue to be the way I share my experiences and perspectives with the world. It is my way of making the widest reaching impact on the world we live in. A large part of my content creation involves traveling to experience and collaborate with other individuals, eco systems and communities. This is how I am able gain new wisdom and perspective to share while passing on my knowledge on a more intimate level. 

I intend to continue creating content for the world. I have begun building a team and a network of individuals sharing in my vision. In the short term, I plan to expand our skill set and knowledge base by continuing to travel directly to the communities and people where we are able to grow and contribute the most.


Long term, I plan to purchase land where I can build a community centered on helping the human race heal and evolve. This will be done through a reconnection with nature, plant based medicine and art based self discovery. 


In order to continue providing free content and continuing to impact the communities who need it the most while progressing towards my ultimate vision, I need your support. 


While my content is made free to everyone, I have made all of my music available for purchase on my website and through all major distributors. I will do the same with future music and content as well. I ask that those who can afford to purchase the content do so, knowing exactly what your purchase is funding. For those unable to make a purchase, your streaming and interaction is also deeply appreciated. 

I recognize that my content will not be consumed by everyone. For those wishing to donate to the True Roots Movement directly, I have provided a link below for donations. 


I left my career, sold my home, cashed in my life’s saving and gave away everything I owned to pursue this vision. I have risked everything, relentlessly pursuing this vision while amassing debts and living out of a car to gain the knowledge, complete the self work and build the foundation necessary to make it to this point. I believe in what I am doing so much that I have been able to take these risks and make these sacrifices knowing that what is needed will be provided. 


Please help me continue on my mission by providing your support through the streaming and purchasing of my content, the sharing of your energy in the form of positive thoughts or a donation through the link below. 


Stay True,


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